Runaway Now | Review

Romantic little B&B


Tree Crop Farm is a romantic little B&B made up of a small farm house and 3 standalone cottages, all nestled snuggly into the Akaroa hillside. My partner and I stayed in one of the cottages on a cold and rainy weekend which made it all the more enjoyable to be rugged in front of an open fire. Using the outdoor bath in the rain was a definite highlight, heated with a small wood fire sitting underneath the cast iron tub complete with specifically built smoke stack. Hens and their chicks roam around the garden that is appears wild and over-run with Forget-me-nots and Poppies. The chickens lay eggs that are served for breakfast to the guests. Tree Crop Farm’s indoor and outdoor dining areas also operates as a cafe during the day. The spaces are filled with all kinds of nick-knacks and with every inch of wall space covered with quotes and sayings written in chalk by owner and super-nice host Lynne Alexander.