Our First Airbnb Review

Amanda Lavis, Australia



Staff Favourite


This hut was one of the most beautiful places I have stayed in in the world. Small, made of wood, filled with light from the skylight and window, with the smells of jasmine, rose and mint coming in from the garden in which it is set, with a balcony looking directly out on a crystal cold creek. A metal stove crackling with pinecones glowing in the dark, a large comfortable bed, a cat that wants to sit on your book, birdsong in the morning and at night. It is the rustic idyll. There is no electricity (candles and solar light), let your phone battery die, take a walk over the creek and up the nearby (signposted) mountain to the historic garden reserve which looks out over the bay and settlement of Akaroa. The hut feels isolated but is only a 20 minute (beautiful) walk into town. Lynne is a host to suit her surroundings. She showed me around her garden, introduced me to the chickens and ducks, and gave me more fresh garden produce than I could eat. The bathroom is separate to the hut in the main house complex, over shelled paths through the garden, with plenty of hot water available. Be realistic about yourself if you are thinking of staying here. It is a rustic hut! If your priorities of travel accommodation are to be next-door to a supermarket and have the ability to charge your phone while using a hairdryer in bed and you think the sight of an insect is a cause for complaint, go somewhere else, you don't deserve this place! It is also an intensely romantic-feeling space. I was there by myself but the energy got to me so much I walked into town to try to pick up, but its a little place and was mostly deserted and I got rained on on the way home! Better luck to you, the next traveller :)