Tree Crop Farm


Lost Weekend Hut


The largest of the four huts, it’s a cottage really, and the most remote. If the weather is warm this is the hut most likely to be clothes optional, especially with the sauna fired up! It has a hammock and brazier for meat cooking and facilities and equipment for simple meal preparation. The Lost Weekend Cottage has shutters and can be made cosy and dark. There are lots of books and candles and an open fire for ambience and the antique finnish wood stove doubles as a sauna and for radiant heat and cooking. Guests do need to be handy with fires in this hut though. It has a double brass bed with moderately firm mattress. Guests sometimes ask about this but there was no way of getting a queen bed into the hut without tearing down a wall!  Hut Amenities include private living and garden area, outside bush bath, chilly bin cooler, glassware cooking and eating utensils (No electricity - Candles only but a little solar in two rooms ). It is completely private but it is 100 yards from your car and private bathroom, although there is a chemical toilet down a quaint path near the cottage the hut for overnight use. Despite this, it's a favourite for all sorts of reasons, some of which have been hinted at!


Secure Your Booking

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To confirm and secure  your booking, we require a deposit of $100 by transfer banking per night. Please contact for our bank transfer details. * Your booking can be deferred if ill health or travel plans make arrival on day of choice unfeasible - provided adequate notice is given. For those guests wanting a medium to long stay, rates can be negotiated.