Tree Crop Farm

$250 A night

The Bedouin Creek Hut


This hut is a stunning NZ colonial experience right beside the water. The historic hut was a quarry mens lunch hut moved onto the site years back and now all grown over with jasmine and roses and honeysuckle. Its the staff favourite! The stream has summer watercress and mint growing in season and there is a little verandah for sun, shade, or supper in the candle light. A Norwegian wood stove fire keeps this hut so toasty guests often have to open the door even in winter, and this stove can also heat water or cook a single fry pan ! Guests can see the fire from their bed and also can see the river from bed if the door is open! The bed is a double and mattress is firm, some might say hard! Hut Amenities include the little covered shuttered balcony, garden area and outside bath, glassware, cooking and eating utensils. Off road 4 wheel drive car parking adjacent the hut. No electricity - candles only plus a little solar. There is a bush bath for this hut but guests preferring to use the bath in their inside bathroom only can forego the bush bath and have a $25 reduction in their tariff. The Bedouin Creek Hut bathroom back at the house however, is fully electric and guests chuckle when they see it, because the bathroom for the Bedouin Creek Hut is bigger than the hut itself back by the river!    The Bedouin Creek hut is $250/night a night GST included less $25 if not needing outside bath.


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To confirm and secure  your booking, we require a deposit of $100 by transfer banking per night. Please contact for our bank transfer details. *Your booking can be deferred if ill health or travel plans make arrival on day of choice unfeasible - provided adequate notice is given. For those guests wanting a medium to long stay, rates can be negotiated.