Tree Crop Farm

$250 a night

Tree House


A hexagonal hut set between two trees, decorated in red, purple & maroon, as are all the huts, with a deck facing the afternoon and evening sun overlooking the river, garden & bush. There is a tiny super efficient wood-burning stove, originally from a bordello in California, for ambience, heat and cooking a one pan something. This hut has lots of candles, flowers, herbs, and windows all round and a view onto the river below. There is also a large skylight over the bed for stargazing by night. Hut Amenities include - A private optional balcony, garden area and outside bath, electricity, Bose I pod /CD player, fridge, electric kettle, glassware, plates, cooking and eating utensils. The Tree House Hut bathroom is located at the main house.  But a chemical toilet is located below the Tree House for overnight use. The Tree House outside bush bath is back across the stream 50 yards away from the hut, and torches are provided to safely use the track at night.


Secure your Booking

Contact lynnie

To confirm and secure your booking, we require a deposit of $100 by transfer banking per night. Please contact for our bank transfer details. * Your booking can be deferred if ill health or travel plans make arrival on day of choice unfeasible - provided adequate notice is given. For those guests wanting a medium to long stay, rates can be negotiated.